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M-01 Weather Station (barometer)

M-01 Weather Station (barometer)
M-01 Weather Station (barometer) M-01 Weather Station (barometer) M-01 Weather Station (barometer)
Product Code: 20001
111Weight: 1.1 Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Price: 77.00$
Package dimensions: 53 cm x 22 cm x 10 cm
Weight: 1.1 kg
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Our gifts website is happy to present you the M-01 weather station. There is nothing better than a time-tested technology.

Mechanical barometer and liquid thermometer are the devices known to humanity for hundreds of years; they do not make mistakes and do not provide false information. The scale of the barometer M-01 is marked in [Mmhg] and [hPa], the scale of the thermometer - in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. Case is made from high-impact wood, baroque colour. An excellent gift for your loved ones or for yourself.

Wall weather station with barometer and thermometer. Case is made from high-quality wood. Wall mount. Colour: baroque.

M-01 Weather Station (barometer)
height 480 mm
length 175 mm
diameter barometer 108 mm
length termometer 130 mm

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